Hello there!

My name is Ruthy, and I live and breathe art, design, and beauty. Art is such an inseparable part of who I am — it is truly as natural to me as breathing. My hands instinctively gravitate towards pen and paper, or stylus and tablet. Using my artistic skill and creativity to support myself financially has been my dream for as far back as I can remember. 

As far back as 6th grade, I was already illustrating fashion. I have super clear memories of going to the copy room at school and asking for plain white paper. Then I would fold a single sheet in half, and in half again, and illustrate fashion — girls in dresses with hats and heels — turn it over, and illustrate some more. A few years later, I had a much more defined style, and I'd sketch faces and New York skylines all over my notes and stencils throughout high school. This style quickly became my signature. 

Finally purchasing an iPad — something I had wanted to do for YEARS — was an absolute game changer. And after months of experimenting, trying to figure out how to translate my style and skill into the digital sphere, and sharing my illustrations on Instagram, someone randomly messaged me asking how much an illustration was. I freaked out a bit, made up a price, and was officially in business. 

There were a few steps between then and now, but shifting from solely doing commissions to selling prints is the culmination of all of my artistic and creative experience. It truly feels like my whole life has been building up to this moment, and I want to deeply thank you from the bottom of my heart for participating in this journey with me. 


With eternal appreciation,

Ruthy Procaccia